Contact Intamerge Today: 0845 838 8694

Contact Intamerge Today: 0845 838 8694

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Integration for everyone in a few simple steps


Link in a Blink! ™

We’re taking integration away from the experts and giving it to everyone. Using Intamerge, you can now easily run your own integration engine and solve your everyday integration and automation needs.

It only takes a few simple steps to write integrations…

How Does Intamerge Make Integration Easy?

Create and Organise

We call integrations “maps” and you can create and organise them as you wish in a folder-like structure

Drag and Drop Elements

Draw your integration maps by simply dragging and dropping elements from the palette before linking them together. You can download elements from our Plugin Store

Execute and Monitor

Run your maps. You can trace your transactions in the visual transaction history or by generating events and subscribing to them. Your integrations can connect themselves to your browser and popup notifications if you like

Why Use Intamerge?

Easy to Use

Anyone can use Intamerge. We created it for both developers and non-developers and want to revolutionise integration by making it available to all.

Single Web Interface

Do everything through a single web interface: create integrations, deploy them, troubleshoot, trace and monitor them.

Plugin Store Ecosystem

Download and share Intamerge elements through our Plugin Store. Create new plugins and be an active part of the community.

Highly Customisable

As Intamerge evolves, more and more of it will be customisable through plugins. You’ll be able to configure your own unique integration engine by selecting plugins that conform the Intamerge engine to your own way of doing things.