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Contact Intamerge Today: 0845 838 8694

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About Us

Link in a Blink! ™

Intamerge has forged the world's first Personal Integration Engine, enabling organisations to quickly and easily 'Link in a Blink'.  

Who Are Intamerge?


Intamerge is a wholly owned subsidiary of CTO Investments (CTOi) an independent UK-based company, committed to delivering innovative skills, technology and service solutions. The team has extensive experience of working with the NHS and private healthcare. We work across all care settings and areas associated with informatics, technology and data management, and currently have over 50 staff and associates working on programmes and projects for our clients.

Delivering Innovation

We have a broad range of skills with experience across multiple sectors and disciplines. This has allowed us to deliver very large and challenging innovative programmes successfully.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver consistent growth by developing close and professional relationships with clients and candidates; to fully ascertain the customer and candidates requirements and deliver quality outcomes; provide a professional and supportive environment for employees to develop and grow their careers and be honest at all times with all people.