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Contact Intamerge Today: 0845 838 8694

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Release: Intamerge Community Edition 1.1.0

Intamerge Community Edition 1.1.0 is now released.

We got an independant integration consultancy to test drive the product and as a result a number of fixes have been made to v1.0.9 and to the website content.  v1.1.0 doesn’t introduce any new features over v1.0.9.

Please view the Release Notes for Intamerge Community Edition 1.1.0 here:

Supported Systems

  • MacOS High Sierra 10.13 (Firefox 57+, Safari, but not Chrome!). We do not support virtualised macs, or remote desktop access to a browser on the same system as the Intamerge install
  • Windows 10 (Firefox 56+ or Chrome 61+)
  • Linux (Firefox 56+ or Chrome 61+)

Migration Notes

You can update v1.0.9 by simply replacing the war file. As long as your plugins are compatible with v1.0.8 or v1.0.9 they should work fine with v1.1.0. The minimum requirement for esb-common is esb-common-1.0.8.jar for your plugins.


  • [ESB-213] – Create maps and create folders bugs
  • [ESB-214] – When creating a new folder in blank organiser it should be highlighted
  • [ESB-222] – First run splash screen inside nav panel links don’t work
  • [ESB-227] – Link renaming isnt persisted
  • [ESB-232] – New elements not enablilng the Save button
  • [ESB-233] – Javascript issues where link loses connection to other elements
  • [ESB-234] – Widget icon loading sometimes showing blanks
  • [ESB-235] – History presenter undeclared variable sigma on certain browsers
  • [ESB-236] – Engine instance properties dont survive restart


  • [ESB-219] – Loop found in InterMapInputConnector
  • [ESB-226] – Position cursor when renaming map
  • [ESB-229] – If folder doesnt exist, throw exception in start of FilePickupComponent
  • [ESB-230] – ‘Next Day’ not working on Message History page
  • [ESB-231] – Message History detail view not using all space available