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Contact Intamerge Today: 0845 838 8694

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Release: Intamerge Community Edition 1.0.7

Intamerge Community Edition 1.0.7 is now released.

Please view the Release Notes for Intamerge Community Edition 1.0.7 here:



  • [ESB-178] – Exception creating a message in input component doesnt get logged to history
  • [ESB-185] – Cant create folder when tree is blank.

New Feature

  • [ESB-94] – Show jar file on plugins page
  • [ESB-179] – Exception log in main menu
  • [ESB-180] – Database polling input connector
  • [ESB-187] – Make notifications persistent so they restore on restart of interface and engine
  • [ESB-188] – Add mysql history broker
  • [ESB-189] – Make history brokers pluggable
  • [ESB-197] – Need a password generator for encrypted passwords for databases etc


  • [ESB-183] – Add fireonce to database and filepickup
  • [ESB-184] – Create scheduled input connector helper
  • [ESB-186] – Link http input timeout error to actual handling

Migration Notes

Maps could fail when upgrading from a previous version.  Please check your maps carefully and delete and re-add the ones that fail or don’t display correctly.

Also please update all plugins to the version matching this release in date.


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