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Contact Intamerge Today: 0845 838 8694

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Release: Intamerge Community Edition 1.0.9

Intamerge Community Edition 1.0.9 is now released.

Please view the Release Notes for Intamerge Community Edition 1.0.9 here:

Supported Systems

We only support MacOS High Sierra 10.13 (Firefox 57+, not Chrome and not Safari), Windows 10 (Firefox 56+ or Chrome 61+) and Linux (Firefox 56+ or Chrome 61+)

New Feature

  • [ESB-144] – Tile view versus Tree Organiser view
  • [ESB-146] – Plugins should have a category property
  • [ESB-158] – When creating a new map, it should be highlighted


  • [ESB-1] – When creating new items in map tree they arent then automatically selected
  • [ESB-207] – Dont reload icons every time a map is rendered
  • [ESB-210] – Fix file property changes for filename – documentation

Migration Notes

You can update v1.0.8 by simply replacing the war file. As long as your plugins are compatible with v1.0.8 or v1.0.9 they should work fine. The minimum requirement for esb-common is esb-common-1.0.8.jar for your plugins.


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